We have a variety of great resources for you in our Resources section:

  • Client Assistance Program (CAP). The publications division of Disability Law Colorado has some great books and resources for sale. Buy online through our store in a few easy clicks.
  • Disability Law History. A brief summary of the most important legislation and cases over the years, with precedents that affect disability law today.
  • Success Stories. See some of the cases we've been involved in and how it has changed people's lives.
  • Directory of Community Services. A searchable directory of community services supporting people with disabilities in the front range and western slope regions.
  • Physical Restraint and Seclusion. Five Questions Parents should ask when dealing with restraint. CDE and CDHS Rules for the use of restraint and seclusion. 

We also have a host of fact sheets and other issue-related resources that can be found through our Issues section.

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